Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot Erotica Alert: A Hot and Sinful Summer- 5 Tantalizing Tales of Sizzling Summer Seduction

So I have been scanning Amazon for hot erotica reads- 

A) because I love hot erotica 


B) because as a new author I am checking out what else is out there (kinda sizing up the competetion you know ;-)

While searching I came across this new release for just .99, so I grabbed it- holy smokes- this book sizzles. 

5 short stories filled to the brim with explicit action that will leave you hot and bothered. These quickies are perfect for a busy summer day or night. You'll get your "fix" and be ready  for anything- whether it's another story or a sexy romp of your own.

Wow, keep a fan on and a glass of ice water close by so you don't overheat.

A Hot and Sinful Summer
5 Tantalizing Tales of Sizzling Summer Seduction
By Roxanne Rhoads

Five sinfully seductive tales of scorching summer trysts grace the pages of this short story collection.

Something More Than Friends- a clandestine hookup in the front seat of a car is anything but casual as two friends simmer with emotion while hiding their secret affair from the rest of the world.

Sun Worship- The heat brings out carnal urges in Gina, urges she can't control as the hot summer sun beats down upon her bare skin. You won’t believe the naughty things she does to appease her needs...while her neighbor, Joe, secretly watches.

Lawn Service- Serena's loneliness and the relentless summer heat have her aching for something sinful. Her wishes are granted when Rob, a sexy lawn service technician, shows up to get her yard in shape for the annual 4th of July party.

A Hot and Sticky Summer Night- It’s a hot summer night and a young couple are plagued by boredom. They drive around looking for something fun to do. They end up making love in the woods... and it's anything but boring.

Not Another One Night Stand- Rebecca has been watching Damon at the nightclub for weeks. One night she finally works up the courage to approach him...and he goes home with her. Will it be just a one night stand or could it be something more?

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  1. Looks hot, I'm grabbing a copy for my Kindle

  2. ....the erotic book that most fits my experiences & fantasies is one of those naughty victorian novels The Yellow Room.....

  3. hi there, if you don't want my comments on your site then perhaps you could do me the greatcourtesy of removing this one aswell - many thanks !

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    I don't mind comments at all. And the only comment I have removed was one comment that included explicit details about teenage sex.

    That must be the comment you are referring to.

    I really love it when people acknowledge my site and my posts but I can't have items that include underage sex on my site. Sorry.

    It's a great way to have my site shut down and my books pulled.

    So you can chat about anything you want as long as it's not illegal, like underage sex.