Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Release Just .99: Fist Me, Please by Serena Synn

Fist Me, Please 
Serena Synn 

Michelle aches for something more than just a hot guy with a big dick.

She's looking for a man with large...hands.


Because she has a fetish for fisting and she wants a man that can satisfy her cravings. 

When she spots Michael at the bar, she thinks she's found the one until she realizes he is married. But Michael and his wife, Karina are swingers and they invite Michelle to go home with them.

Will they give her what she needs?

Warning: explicit erotica- intended for those 18 and older only

Available on Amazon for intro price of just .99

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  1. OMG this is awesome. I have this "thing" for fisting. I've never really done it, kinda afraid to. My boyfriend says we did one night when I was drunk, I don't remember. He says I screamed my head off but I came like crazy. I want to read this. I'm going to go grab it from Amazon and put it on my Kindle.