Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seeking a Truly Sexy Vacation Experience

So...I've been searching for the ultimate "lifestyle vacation" in the US.

There are many nudist resorts and some that say they cater to "Lifestyle" couples the fine print reads:

While we are not prude by any means we understand that some of our members and attendees here are not comfortable with being involved in or even seeing sexual acts out in the open. As we try to be as inclusive as we can to all aspects of our lifestyles here we ask that no penetration or ejaculation occurs outside of private lodgings or the playhouse.

This seems to be standard rules and regualtions for US lifestyle resorts.

Which to me is a problem and defeats the purpose of having a "lifestyle" resort.

There are a lot of couples that are looking for something more exotic (think Hedonism) but want it right here in the US. 

The entire purpose of having a sexual resort with secluded outdoor areas nestled in the middle of nowhere...is outdoor sex.

Nudist resorts that cater to swingers are a dime a dozen and I can find them in every state. 

I want to see a resort that steps it up a notch and stands out from the crowd by being a true fantasy location, a place where true sexual explorations can occur. Not a glorified nudist resort that welcomes swingers by offering a "playroom". 

Yay a playroom..nothing different than clubs or house parties there.

I want the outdoors to be the playroom.

If you have a perfect, secluded location- why waste it on nudists. 

Use it for those who really want to see and be seen. Many people fantasize about sex outside sometime with people watching them, or the fantasize about watching others.

Give people what they want. Offer a true sex resort wher fantasies come true. Tell the prudes and the boring nudists to go elsewhere. Cater to the people that really want and need an outlet for something exquisite.

Nudists have plenty of locations to be nude. You need to give those truly into sex a place to play. 

I hope someone will consider opening the ultimate play vacation resort for couples- and do it in the US. Some people don't want to go to the islands or Mexico they want to do it here, in the US.

If you have or know of a location like this...please let me know.

Update: Looks like Pandora's Forest may be the prefect location.
http://www.pandorasforest.com/   While they can't allow sexual activity in the pool or hot tub (or any food areas) due to health code issues, sex outside and in the wooded areas is allowed.

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