Friday, April 25, 2014

This Cuckquean Gives a Whole New Meaning to Phone Sex

So I'm sitting here fantasizing about my husband calling me and this happens- - Anyone want to help make this fantasy come true?

"There's a hot woman with really big breasts...she's offering to give me a blow job if I do her lawn for free. What should I do?"

I quickly respond, "Tell her you'll do it of you can take pictures and video. And you get to come on her boobs." My pussy starts to tingle just thinking about it.

"Really? You want me to do that?" He asks. He doesn't sound convinced that this will go well.

"Just do it, babe. I'm already wet just thinking about it. Can you be on the phone and recording at the same time? I want to hear it all now, then watch it later...over and over."

"Ok it's your cock. I'll put it wherever you want.  Yeah, I have my bluetooth. I can talk hands free and use any of the apps or phone recording. Hold on and just listen."

I put it on speaker phone. I hear him walk back into her house and tell her, "I'll do your lawn for free if I can record the blow job and come on your tits."

"Anything you want." She replies.

I hear movement, it must be her taking her clothes off. "She's naked." He whispers in my ear. I hear his camera clicking. "Her tits are fucking massive," he tells me. He knows I love big breasts.

I take off my pants and underwear. My pussy is bare, exposed as I sit in my office chair listening to my husband and another woman.

I listen as there's more rustling, then he whispers, "the video is recording." Then louder I hear him say, "Turn around and let me see you. Bend over. Nice ass. Spread your legs. Pretty pink pussy," he mumbles. I hear wet sounds. "I'm fingering her pussy." He whispers to me, "She's so wet. I insert one, two, now three fingers into her. Now four, I'm practically fisting her. She's really into this. Her pussy is so wet and flexible."

I hear her moaning as his fingers thrust in and out of her cunt. "Rub my clit." She cries. "Oh yes, fuck, yes...oh my god, I'm going to come." She yells.

Panting, moaning...then she cries out.

I hear his breathing has become labored. I know he is overly aroused and ready to explode. I imagine how hard his cock is. Long, thick, veins bulging. 

I hear her, in a breathy voice she says, "I can't believe you made me come so fast. You're really good with your hands. Now it's your turn."

"Sit down." She says. 

I hear his zipper go down. My pussy tingles and my stomach gets butterflies.

"Oh my god," she exclaims, "your dick is so big. I should have asked for you to fuck me. Maybe next time." She laughs. "I'm sure we can find something else for you to do around here that I can exchange for sex. But this time I am going to suck that dick so good. I hope your wife enjoys the show. Maybe you can bring her next time and I'll let her watch everything live."

I hear licking and slurping sounds, he's moaning into my ear. My fingers are rubbing my naked thigh.

"Let me play with your tits," I hear him say. "Ummm...fuck... yeah put my dick between them, squeeze, yes. Go up and down....that's it..."

I rub my tits. I pull them out of my bra and squeeze my nipples, then I pinch them, pulling and tugging at them until they are so hard they hurt.

I hear more moaning. My pussy is tingling. I'm drenched and aching, wishing I was there watching my husband get his cock sucked by another woman. 

I slide my fingers into my soaked pussy, one, two, three fingers in fucking myself hard and rubbing my clit while I listen to both of them moaning. I'm going to come so fucking hard...

"Oh god, suck it again. Suck it, take it deep, yes...oh my god she's taking it all the way to my balls...fuck I'm going to come...pull it out of your mouth so I can shoot on your tits..."

Loud moans and grunts fill my ears...I know he's coming all over her tits. My entire body is shaking. My clit is rigid and throbbing. My pussy is quivering. I slide drenched fingers across my clit and explode. My body convulses as an earth shattering orgasm rips through me.

In the distance I can hear his heavy breathing. His camera is clicking away. "I'm taking pictures of my come all over her tits. Then I'm going to spread her pussy open for you and take more pictures. You are really going to love this."

My body is still aching from the first orgasm but I can feel another building inside me as I eagerly anticipate the video he is bringing home to me. I hear his camera clicking and lots of rustling. I hear his zipper go up.

"Oh...hurry home. I need to see." I beg.

"I'm on my way now." To her you say, "I'll come back later to do your lawn. And I'll bring my wife. I think she's going to want to see more."

"Please do bring her. Does she only like to watch or will she join in? I'll lick her pussy if you want. Or she can do anything she wants to me. I like playing with women."

"You just made all her fantasies come true." He says to her. "We'll be back soon."

I hear the door shut and his engine start. "I'm sending you some pics now." He says into my ear.

My phone jingles and I open his text message. I scroll through photos of a naked, voluptuous red head. Her huge breasts, her big round ass, a pretty pink pussy spread wide, and my husband's come all over her tits.

I come again. I stumble to the bedroom and lay down on the bed, spent yet still aching for more.

I am gasping and quivering as I stare at the pictures of  her when my husband walks in and hands me the phone. 

It's ready to go. I click play and watch your fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy, I watch her come on his hand, I watch her lick my husband's dick up and down, lick his balls, then take his long cock into her mouth and suck. I watch her take his dick and squeeze it between her massive breasts and tit fuck him good. Then she sucks him down again. All the way down until her lips on are his body. Not easy to do to a nine inch thick cock.

I feel his fingers slide into my drenched cunt. I'm so hot, so wet. I'm shaking I'm so aroused.

HIs hard shaft enters me as I watch her deep throat him in the video.

I'm surprised. "Already? You just came?"

"Seeing you this turned on...I'm turned on. I want to please you. I want to make you come again." He breathes heavily as he slowly fills my aching cunt full of hard cock.

"Babe, I've come twice already." I moan. I didn't think I could come again.

"Come again. For me. On my dick. My big fat dick that was just in another woman's mouth. Come for me while you watch that video of her sucking me. Next time I'm going to bury my dick in that pussy of hers and you're going to be right there watching. Would you like that?"

"Oh my god, yes...oh yes..." I moan and raise my ass in the air so my husband can fuck me deeper, harder. In the video she continues to deep throat his long hard shaft.

In the video he's moaning and getting ready to come.

In real life his cock is buried in my pussy. He fucks me hard from behind. In the video he pulls his cock out of her mouth and shoots a load of semen across her exquisite tits.

I come with a scream as he slams into me hard and fills my pussy full of hot semen.

"You came again...for me." I sighed. 

"Always..." He moaned as we collapsed on the bed together.


  1. THAT is a lucky, hot, and fantastic phone call to receive. Good luck on future calls going further ;-)

  2. Well so far it's still a fantasy...but I'm hoping it comes true. Looking for someone now that can make it come true ;-)

  3. well my fantasy came true- just listened to my husband get a blowjob. He texted me pics and is bringing home a video.

    1. How was the video? Did it all live up to your fantasies?

    2. The video was HOT.

      And did it live up to my fanasties....yes and no. Yes because it was hot and erotic as hell.

      But it just wasn't the same...not being there. Everything we do, we've done together. And this time even though I was on the phone with him during the entire felt like cheating. Nothing's ever felt like cheating before because we were always together.