Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Cuckquean Confessions

OK, so I have confessed some of my naughty cuckquean fantasies. 

Thinking about another woman blowing my husband...hmmm gets me off like nothing else

I fantasize about my husband fucking other women too but it's not as much of a turn on- of course it can depend on the mood I'm in. Sometimes thinking about him slamming that big cock of his into another woman's ass....OMG...instant orgasm. But I really have to be in a mood for it. 

But that's something I think I might keep in the fantasy realm. I don't know if I'd handle it well in real life.

It's so weird, different aspects of my personality war with each other. See, I used to be a very jealous woman. Very territorial. If you looked at my man wrong I'd tear your eyes out.

Now I'm older, wiser, more sure of myself, more confident in my relationship with my husband and also more willing to explore all aspects of my sexuality.

I have watched another woman suck my husband's dick before. It was hot. And I want to do it again...and again...and again...yeah it really did it for me...especially when I was finger deep in her pussy while she was doing it

Yes I am bisexual. Shamelessly

I love tits and pussy as much as I love big hard cock

That's why sharing my husband isn't that much of an issue

Because when it's all said and done he's going to be sharing me as well
He's not the only one that's going to be inside her

I will be too- fingers, tongue, strap-on, dildo....
whatever I want, whatever I'm in the mood for

But I want to watch first
Because it's the watching that turns me on most

Watching them... while I rub my pussy...

So please tell me, I am not the only one that feels this way, am I?

Do you share your husband's cock?

If you do, could you tell me about it?

I want my erotica to be authentic.

I have one side of the story, one encounter of watching another woman suck my husband.

I hope that there will be more encounters but we're not the type to fuck just anybody and the one time it just happened. We were out at a club on vacation, we hooked up with a single girl...we went back to the hotel...and it was an interesting evening

Tell me about your husband sharing? Do you just watch? Do you play with only him? Do you have sex with her? Does watching your husband really "do it" for you? IS that the biggest thing about the entire fantasy that gets you off? Because I think for me, that's it. The watching. Which is why I am labeling myself a cuckquean.


  1. This is THE best blog ever. Not sure why there aren't more like it, but as another woman, I share your passion entirely. I don't mind sharing at all - haven't yet but would love to watch him slam a girl after I'd eaten her out while they were both on top of me, her mouth and fits in my face...the stuff of dreams!! Great site ;)

  2. So glad to hear you love the blog.

    I'll have new stories soon. Been taking a break...but I'm due to see hubby's cock in a new cuckcake soon

  3. Goodness, that sounds delicious...can't wait to hear all about it!