Friday, May 31, 2013

What is a Cuckquean?

Do you know what a cuckquean is?

If you fantasize about your husband (or significant other) having sexual relations with another woman than chances are you are a cuckquean

I recently came across the term "cuckquean" while doing research for the story I'm working on. I had heard of cuckolds but had no idea the female counterpart was called a "cuckquean"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cuckquean gender opposite term of cuckold derived from old English (1562 CE); lifestyle meaning is similar to male cuckold but is more often found in BDSM relationships and humiliation than dependent upon a male evolutionary response that increases sexual performance.

Cuckquean refers to a woman with an adulterous husband. In modern English it generally refers to the sexual fetish in which sexual gratification is gained from maintenance or observation of sexual relations by a man with a woman or a number of women besides his girlfriend, wife or long-term female sex partner. The reversed gender roles of the cuckold relationship. Unfortunately, the research involved within cuckquean and her counterparts has proved to be largely unsubstantiated.

The fetish specifics can range wildly, from loving treatment toward the cuckquean to complete humiliation and debasement. However, very commonly a requirement for the fetish is that the cuckquean is somehow humiliated, whether this is acted out to be intentional or as some sort of by-product of the situation (e.g., the parties involved are somehow too sexually aroused to stop). Therefore cuckolding/cuckqueaning' usually involves acting out a story or ritual involving humiliating acts, events or circumstances; it is not simply husband-swapping, swinging or sharing a sexual partner.

For me it's less about the domination and humiliation and more about the voyeurism and sharing.  What do you think?

I think sharing the man you love, sharing in his pleasure, and taking pleasure yourself could be an immensely intense thing.

Of course if I were to take part in cuckqueaning, there would be some domination. But it wouldn't be me being dominated.

It would be her.

I would be telling the lovely slut what to do.

I'd tell her when and how to suck his cock.

I'd tell her how to stroke him.

And I'd tell her when to bend over and take it in the ass like a good slut.

Because if you're going to fuck my man, you're going to do it my way.

So I guess I'd be a Domme Cuckquean

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  1. I love to watch my husband's cock buried in anotehr woman's pussy. I finger myself and come hard while he's fucking her.

  2. I love to watch too.

    I use a dildo on the other woman while she sucks his didck.

    It really gets me hot when he comes all over her face or her really big tits

  3. Something we also do more and more frequently. My wife was lukewarm to the idea and she still is. I think more related with her relatively conservative asian upbringing.

    For us, usually the "other woman" runs the show and that is my preference as well.