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Author Interview - It Happened on Thunder Road Susan Antony #YAFantasyRomance #Paranormal

What’s your one line pitch or teaser for the book? Grab a reader’s attention with one line.

Hang on, baby, for the ride of your life.

Tell readers a little about your main character or characters?

The story revolves around Emerald “Emmy” Russo an 18-year-old girl who returns home after visiting her father for the summer to find many things have changed.First: Mom has a boyfriend. Second: the cute new student, Charlie Fields, is a Rockabilly greaser with a gang who obeys his every command. Third: attractive Keir Harper wants to be more than just her best friend. And fourth: a perplexed Emmy soon finds herself drawn to two extremely different boys. She also discovers she has a wild side, undoubtedly inherited from her mother, that has laid dormant until now. While Emmy learns there is more to life than good grades, she also learns there are consequences for every action. 

Where do you like to write? Do you have an office or writing nook?

My laptop is like a third appendage. I write in bed, at the pool, on my lunch break, on vacation, where ever I happened to be at the time.

What is one of your best marketing tips for other authors? 

Get a TikTok account. It is a hot marketing spot in today’s time. Instagram Reels are making waves, too. 

What websites or tools have you found that offer the best results?

Book Bongo is a great way to market your book when it is on sale as is Written Word Media and Library Thing. Book tours such as Bewitching Tours are great for getting the word out especially when you have a new release. 

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Start now, not later, and practice, practice, practice. Never give up. If you haven't already, build an online presence today and nurture it. Only a minute number of authors become overnight successes. There are general rules to writing such as the infamous “show and don’t tell.” Take online writing classes. If you study the rules and apply them, you will have a better chance of achieving publication.  Join critique groups. Listen to your critics and evaluate the information provided. Take what you like and trash the rest. Though, always keep your mind open and learn to take criticism. Be brave. When I was starting out and a bit full of myself, I threw my work out on a public forum. My harshest critic, a seasoned writer, raked me over the coals. The nicest thing he said about my work was, “Too many of your family and friends are telling you this is good. Well, it’s not.” After I finished crying over my bruised ego, I realized he was one-hundred percent right. I rewrote the piece, invited him to have another go at it in the same forum, and he helped me. Had I not listened to him, I might not be published today.

It Happened on Thunder Road
Susan Antony 

Genre: YA Fantasy Romance, Suspense, Paranormal Elements
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Date of Publication: 04-24-21
ISBN:  1509235329
Number of pages: 292
Word Count:   72000
Cover Artist: Kim Mendoza

Tagline: Hang on, baby, for the ride of your life.

Book Description: 

When Emmy Russo returns to high school in Moncks Corner, South Carolina after summer break, she discovers some changes. First: Mom has a boyfriend. Second: the cute new student, Charlie Fields, is a Rockabilly greaser with a gang who obeys his every command. Third: attractive Keir Harper wants to be more than just her best friend. And fourth: a perplexed Emmy soon finds herself drawn to two extremely different boys. How do you choose between sweet and smoldering? 

Then tragedy strikes on desolate Thunder Road. Strange things start happening, with Emmy in the middle of it all. Intent on finding the truth, she must fight for her heart, her life, maybe even her soul. Because someone wants to possess all of Emmy. And they will be together, no matter what the cost. For eternity.

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Excerpt 1


We faced each other for a beat or two. Then he placed his arm around my shoulder and took my hand in his, positioning his body a respectable distance away. We danced, slow and reserved at first, but as the singer’s wails intensified, so did Charlie’s moves. His hips swayed from side to side, and he inched closer to me, smidgen by smidgen, until his pelvis ground against my hipbones.

Our bodies melded, moving together in perfect synchronicity. Side to side. Back and forth. He moved his hand to my lower back and pulled me closer. I took in a quick, sharp breath. He

“You know, baby,” he murmured, “You and me have more than chemistry. We have fire. Not the easy kind of fire you can make from a box of matches, but the kind of fire you get when you rub two sticks together. I’m all yours if you want me.”

The world around me blurred as if I were watching it through thick lenses. I imagined Charlie’s lips against mine. I imagined him shirtless, propped above me, his triceps bulging as he slowly lowered his chest—mine rising toward his, beckoning him closer. He groaned a low animal-like sound. It drew me to him.

And I wanted him bad.

I wanted our bodies to burn in Hell together for all eternity.

What was happening? Had I lost my mind? I wasn’t ready. Was I?


Spasms of panic surged from my loins to the deepest recesses in my brain. In a sharp snap, the imaginary lenses cracked, and through the broken glass was a clear image of a boy with kind eyes and a halo of yellow hair.

Keir was my angel, and I was dancing with the devil. A devil who would betray his brother. A devil who would convince me to betray him as well.

I shuddered and pressed my free hand, fiercely against his shoulder. He clutched me tighter.

“Charlie, please. We can’t do this.”

“Why not?” he demanded.

I took in a long, ragged breath. “Because I don’t want to hurt Keir. He likes me.”

He forced a laugh and loosened his grip. My hand slipped from his, and he leaned toward me. His chin brushed against my cheek, and flesh bumps shimmied down my spine.

“That was the right answer, New Jersey,” he whispered in a throaty voice. “Welcome to the gang.”

About the Author:

Susan Antony, an aspiring Renaissance woman, never shies from a challenge. Not only does she have a degree in the Liberal Arts, she has a degree in Automotive Technology. She currently works in the IT department at a local Charleston hospital. Susan lives with her teenaged son and two behaviorally-challenged Cairn Terriers. To maintain her sanity, she cherishes her Friday evenings dancing the night away!






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