Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reviews Found on Amazon and Goodreads

Sex Shop of Horrors: A Modern Frankenstein Tale With an Erotic Twist

This was a super fun short read that had me laughing on one page and gasping the next! It's ALL kinds of kinky, including medical play, DP and stretching--hot stuff! I really liked this short a lot and the ending left me with a chuckle and a satisfied smile.

The Cuckquean Wife’s Valentine Surprise 

Great afternoon read

Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition : Turn Your Halloween Party Into a Swinging Event 

Sooooo Fun...

Some of the ideas were a bit on the cheesie side bit I did get one super idea for my upcoming party.

The Fortune Teller's Secret

Hypnotically Curious...

Fist Me, Please

Not for the faint heart, crude rude but erotic. The title says it all but if that is what you want it sure delivers- Amazon

Such a naughty little story... loved it! - Goodreads Leisha 

PORN is so good when it matches a reader's kink, huh? In this very short scene, it's straight up sex between a husband and wife with a little slut. The slut loves to be fisted and anally fucked. There is no plot. It's pure porn with the author writing my fantasy out. If only this could be a bit longer. I wouldn't mind reading more of it. I'll be using it in my spank bank, that's for sure. - Goodreads ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme 

Confessions of a Cuckquean: Volume 1 The Discovery

Good intro to the cuckquean lifestyle...

For the less-informed, such as myself, this is an excellent introduction to the cuckquean lifestyle. The author makes clear that her version of that lifestyle is not the only version out there. For example, she is bisexual and often participates actively with her husband in sexual encounters with other women. Also, she insists on being in control of when, and with whom, her husband plays, and whether vaginal intercourse occurs in any particular encounter. Although she describes some of their play in detail, the eroticism for the reader is only moderate.

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