Monday, April 4, 2016

Are You Into Cuckquean Erotica? ‪#‎cuckqueanerotica‬ ‪#‎cuckcake‬ ‪#‎queanbull‬

In Fisting Gillian, Sandra is a voyeuristic cuckquean with a fisting fetish. She loves to share her queanbull husband with sexy cuckcakes.

Fisting Gillian
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn

Book Description: 

Sandra is a cuckquean, a woman that enjoys sharing her husband, James, with other women. Her biggest kink is watching. She loves being the voyeur in the room while her husband has sex with a sexy exhibitionist.

Sandra also has another fetish- she is into fisting. Finding a cuckcake to satisfy one fetish is hard, finding someone that can satisfy multiple fetishes is impossible or so she thinks until Sandra finds Gillian on a fetish site. 

Will Gillian be the one to satisfy all Sandra’s kinks?

Contains hardcore fetish content: cuckquean, cuckcake, queanbull, pussy fisting 


Quickie Teaser Excerpt:

I eagerly licked her juices from his shaft then sucked him deep into my throat devouring every inch. I loved tasting other women on him. It was like drinking fine wine paired with decadent chocolate. A sinful combination I couldn’t get enough of.

After sucking every drop of her flavor from his cock I turned to her pussy and drank straight from the well. She tasted exquisite. Robust honey flavored with raspberry and feminine charm. I licked greedily and slid my fingers inside her. 

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