Friday, February 28, 2014

Interested in Custom Erotica?

Want to see your fantasies come to life on the page?

Custom Erotica Pricing

500 words $75

1000 words $100

1500 words $125

3000 words $200

5000 words $325

anything over 5000 will be given a custom quote

Stories are delivered to you in pdf format

Photo images to illustrate your story are available depending on your content request and will cost extra

To request a story please answers these questions - please provide as much detail as possible:

What are the names of the players in this fantasy? First names only.

Physical characteristics of the characters that are most important to your story ( hair color, eye color, build, weight and height, breast or penis size; and anything other specifics that play a part in the story tattoes, piercings, etc)

Is there a setting or situation you want included? (Example in the back of a pick up truck, in  a barn, a castle, a Victorianm mansion in 1894, etc)

What do you want to see happen with these characters- seduction, oral sex, regualr sex, anal sex, etc

What level of graphic detail will the reader prefer: seductively romantic, sizzling sexy, or explicitly raunchy and very detailed

Please provide basic details about the intended reader of this story: -Gender -Sexual preference -Reading preference- male, female, stright, bisexual, etc

Are there any specific details that this story must include? (Body type, fetishes, racial characteristics, specific words to use or avoid)

I do not write anything containing underage sex, beastiality, necrophilia, non-consensual violence, or anything containing bodily fluids and functions (urine, feces, etc)

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