Saturday, March 12, 2016

In The Fog by Serena Synn

In The Fog
Serena Synn

One foggy night after setting up their booth for Summer Fest, Charisma and Ron decide to have some naughty adult fun in the park while no one is around.

Charisma has no idea this sexy rendezvous is not as spontaneous as it seems.

Ron has a surprise waiting for his wife, secreted away in the fog until just the right moment.

Warning for adults only

Contains: mfm threesome with bi-males

Release Date April 1

Available for pre-order at Amazon

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Now Available Fisting Gillian- A Cuckquean Fisting Fetish Story

Fisting Gillian
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn

Book Description: 

Sandra is a cuckquean, a woman that enjoys sharing her husband, James, with other women. Her biggest kink is watching. She loves being the voyeur in the room while her husband has sex with a sexy exhibitionist.

Sandra also has another fetish- she is into fisting. Finding a cuckcake to satisfy one fetish is hard, finding someone that can satisfy multiple fetishes is impossible or so she thinks until Sandra finds Gillian on a fetish site. 

Will Gillian be the one to satisfy all Sandra’s kinks?

Contains hardcore fetish content: cuckquean, cuckcake, queanbull, pussy fisting 


Quickie Teaser Excerpt:

I eagerly licked her juices from his shaft then sucked him deep into my throat devouring every inch. I loved tasting other women on him. It was like drinking fine wine paired with decadent chocolate. A sinful combination I couldn’t get enough of.

After sucking every drop of her flavor from his cock I turned to her pussy and drank straight from the well. She tasted exquisite. Robust honey flavored with raspberry and feminine charm. I licked greedily and slid my fingers inside her.