Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Enjoy Erotic Poetry?

A fellow author friend of mine has an erotic poetry collection coming out.

I just love her work.

I bet you will too.

Maybe I can post a sample or two of her poetry for your enjoyment soon :-)

Dewdrops and Decadence
A Collection of Erotic Poetry
Roxanne Rhoads

Print Length: 55 pages

Publisher: Bewitching Books 

Release date: March 3, 2015


This arousing collection of erotic poetry will delight your senses and stimulate your mind. 

Ranging from soft and sensual to explicitly erotic, lovers of erotica are sure to find something to tempt and titillate.

Flip through the pages with a lover or enjoy them alone as naughty bedtime reading.

Available at Amazon

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fist It, Make It Gape

My pussy is so wet and swollen, it aches to be stretched and abused.  I love the delicious pain you give me when you fill me so full, stuff enormous things into me until I feel like I’m going to split open.

I want to feel your big hand slide inside me, open me up, make it hurt and burn as it stretches wide. Thrust it back and forth; loosen up my horny slut hole. Pull your hand out and make a fist. Slide that massive fist into my pussy. Make me scream as my cunt stretches around your huge fist.

Oh yes, I’m so wet thinking about your fist thrusting inside my slick pussy. Harder and harder you fist fuck me until I come around your hand.

Then you your hand out and replace it with your fat cock.  Fuck me hard with your big dick. Pound away as hard as you want because you loosened me up so much it doesn’t hurt when you go hard and deep.

Pull out and look at my gaping hole. It turns you on doesn’t it? Knowing you made my tight cunt gape like that. You stroke your cock with one hand while you shove the other back into my wetness. You take that wetness and slide down to my tight asshole. You stick a finger in, then two. Lube up my anus so you can shove that fat prick into it.

You lube it up good and start working the fat tip into my ass. Slowly it slides in, once I relax you start slamming that fat cock deep in me. I moan and writhe under you. I reach down and rub my aching clit and caress my wide open pussy. Four fingers slide in. I masturbate while you fuck my anus hard and fast.

You watch as I play with my pussy. It turns you on more. You stop thrusting so you can really watch. I take both hands and spread my already gaping hole wide. You can’t resist the invitation and stick your fist back inside me.

Fist in my pussy and cock in my ass. I am filled completely. I come again, hard. I scream. My body lifts off the bed. Your fist comes out of my convulsing cunt and you pull your cock out of my ass to shoot hot semen all over my gaping hole.

If you love that fisting teaser consider purchasing my ebook-

Fist Me, Please 
Serena Synn 

Michelle aches for something more than just a hot guy with a big dick.

She's looking for a man with large...hands.


Because she has a fetish for fisting and she wants a man that can satisfy her cravings. 

When she spots Michael at the bar, she thinks she's found the one until she realizes he is married. But Michael and his wife, Karina are swingers and they invite Michelle to go home with them.

Will they give her what she needs?

Warning: explicit erotica- intended for those 18 and older only

Monday, January 5, 2015

Naughty Adult Party Games: Turn Your Next House Party Into A Swinging Event by Serena Synn

Naughty Adult Party Games
Turn Your Next House Party Into A Swinging Event
Serena Synn

Genre: Non-Fiction, Lifestyle, Swinger, Adult Erotic, Games, Sexuality, Sex Games

Available at Amazon 

Book Description:

Are you looking to add a little spice to your next adult party?

Or are you already swinging but are in need of some fun games for your next event?

This book has exactly what you’re looking for. 

The games are broken into three sections for all comfort zones from curious beginners who just want to play, to soft swap swingers who love foreplay to full blown swingers who go all the way.

The Naughty Icebreakers section is full of sexy games which can break the ice, bare some skin and get players in a mood for more. These games are designed for newbie swingers and those who are just curious. For those willing to get playfully naughty but not sure if they really want to delve into swinging.

The Tantalizing Teasers section is full of games for those willing to explore soft swap activities. Full of foreplay style fun these games include oral sex activities and sex toys that will have guests getting down and dirty without hardcore penetration.

The We’re Swinging Now section contains erotic games that get explicitly hardcore. These games are for seasoned swingers and those who are honestly ready to play dirty.

Paperback copy available here and at Amazon