Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Searching for a Tumblr Replacement

Thanks to Tumblr no longer allowing adult content I won't be posting there anymore.

You can find my naughty posts here on blogger until the sex police come and shut us down here, too.

I don't use Facebook or Twitter much anymore but you can find me on MeWe occasionally.

I'm not going to use social media outlet that censors adult content very often.

I also deleted Fetlife, simply because it wasn't my thing. I didn't find enough like mined people there.

If you know of any FREE adult friendly sites please list them in the comments. I would love to be able to interact with like minded naughty people.

You can find my books at

And all other store links are here:

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Cuckquean Wife’s Valentine Surprise by Serena Synn

The Cuckquean Wife’s Valentine Surprise 
by Serena Synn

Book Description:

Dominant Talia stumbles across submissive Cinnamon one day while walking into a coffee shop.

Turns out the little sub was in need of a firm hand. Talia was more than happy to help her out, as long as Cinn didn’t mind catering to Talia’s fetish. Talia is a cuckquean and uses her subs as cuckcakes, toys to let her husband have sex with in front of her.

Cinn was more than willing to be a sweet cuckcake Valentine’s Day present for Talia’s husband, Marc.

Contains explicit sexual scenes featuring cuckholding, cuckquean, cuckcake, light BDSM, f/f, and f/f/m

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