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Incredible Review of The Lonely Succubus

I found this incredible review of The Lonely Succubus at

"All characters have a story to tell. Sex alone doesn’t tell a story, nor can it talk about a character’s fears, needs, hopes and dreams. It’s up to the story to tell that and the erotica to heat things up at the right moment. There’s a talent to being able to manage that well. Especially when the main characters are deeply flawed.

The past shapes the present. We are that which our own minds shape us into being. Some fears are the stuff that make us become small, a wisp of who we once were. It takes a choice, a need and a desire to see that we are not what we think we are. We are better and better when we can allow others into our lives.

Title: The Lonely Succubus: An Erotic Quickie
Author: Serena Synn

The work tells the story of:

Thanks to her agoraphobia and social anxiety Neridia was a lonely succubus hiding out in the woods. She learned to survive by syphoning sexual energy from the internet supplemented by the occasional snack on a delivery guy.

She was expecting a pizza delivery guy when Pierce stumbled into her cabin.

Sexy as hell and dripping sexual energy he could be the answer to all her problems…and the start of a few new ones.

Neridia isn’t your usual succubus and that’s because who she is was shaped by her past. A choice made, a promise destroyed and the hate within seething. Pierce is an incubus with a real problem, a hope that there’s a way to solve it. The two lost souls meet and then the questions become one of not just need, but want and desire.

While this is a work of erotica, there’s so much more that comes before that moment that makes this something really special. Both Neridia and Pierce have their stories to tell, and in the telling comes a pair of complex souls. They have their flaws, the pain of the past, the needs of now and the slim hopes they have for a future. Their characters are wonderfully strong, vibrant voices in the work and being so, that exploration of their pasts is just amazing.

That isn’t done as an info dump, the method used is inspired and without Pierce, it seems unlikely that Neridia would have confronted her own past and made something of it. There’s need in both characters, but it isn’t sexual alone. While the connection is clear, there’s more of a need for understanding, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen. The characters have soul and that makes getting to the erotica so much better.

The erotica is a lovely hot flash which isn’t silly or unreasonable. While both Neridia’s succubus aspects and Pierce’s incubus ones come out fully, they aren’t evil or nasty. It’s nice to see a story where the characters don’t fall into the :”evil” trap. They are far more than that.

The writing is very good, the characters have depth, The plot allows for them to develop and tell a story. The heat simmers and holds things together quite nicely as well. The work is a little short, but it does have a clear beginning and end which really doesn’t leave too much out and wanting from the story. I would have liked a bit more of an ending, I think it’s a bit abrupt. but it does manage to satisfy overall.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I adore Neridia and Pierce, the story is delightful, fun and has wonderful heat. But most of all, these are characters with flaws, with needs. The erotica doesn’t get in the way of telling that story which makes this work really something special.


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Last Chance to Get Kinky This Halloween Season! 

In just a few days Halloween will be here.

Celebrate with some  these thrillingly naughty books.

First up is Sex Shop of Horrors, an erotica twist on the old Frankenstein tale- it is a bit of horrotica.  

The Fortune Teller's Secret features fortune tellers that have a unique way to "see" your fortune. 

And Taken by the Wolf is a bit of monster erotica.

Then I also have a non-fiction book, Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition: Turn Your Halloween Party Into A Swinging Event, that will help turn your Halloween party into a swinging good time full of kinky and kooky fun. Don't take this one too seriously folks, it's all in good fun.

Sex Shop of Horrors 
A Modern Frankenstein Tale With an Erotic Twist 
Serena Synn

Investigative journalist, Cassie Sinclair, has been researching local OB/GYN extraordinaire Dr. Richard Stein for over a year when she finally scores an invite to one of his elite parties. 

The magazine she writes for covers the stranger topics in the world- demon possession, vampires, UFO’s… Dr. Stein displays the trifecta of possible demon possession or black magic at play. He’s rich, handsome, and super successful -plus he's very mysterious. Whether there’s a supernatural explanation or not, there must be dark secrets for Cassie to find and expose. 

She eagerly attends the party hoping to get the scoop she needs to publish a spectacular story on the handsome doctor. But she’s not prepared for the gruesomely erotic laboratory in his basement. 

What she discovers leaves her horrified…and aroused. The combination Dr. Stein so desperately seeks in a woman. 

For adults only- contains horrotica scenes featuring M/F/M sex, science, magick and alchemy. 

The Fortune Teller's Secret 
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn

After exhausting all other options Adam MacFarlane starts visiting gypsies, psychics and fortune tellers to find out what happened to his parents when they disappeared ten years ago. 

His friend Rick sends him to two very special fortune tellers who have a unique way of showing their clients the answers they seek. 

Adam never expected the visit to be so pleasurable. 

For adults only- contains scenes featuring F/M/F, object insertion, and pussy stretching

Available at Amazon

Taken by the Wolf
Serena Synn

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

A peaceful swim under the full moon quickly turns to terror as a man with glowing eyes emerges from the woods.

But terror gives way to titillation as the man beast arouses something dark and primal inside her.

Nothing would ever be the same after she is taken by the wolf.

Warning- contains explicit erotica intended for those 18 and older only. Scenes feature steamy werewolf sex.

Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition: Turn Your Halloween Party Into A Swinging Event

Are you looking to add a little spice to your next adult Halloween party?

Or are you already swinging but you want fun games for your next Halloween event?

This book has exactly what you’re looking for. 

The games are broken into three sections for all comfort zones from curious beginners who just want to play, to soft swap swingers who love foreplay to full blown swingers who go all the way.

The Naughty Icebreakers section is full of sexy games which can break the ice, bare some skin and get players in a mood for more. These games are designed for newbie swingers and those who are just curious. For those willing to get playfully naughty but not sure if they really want to delve into swinging.

The Tantalizing Teasers section is full of games for those willing to explore soft swap activities. Full of foreplay style fun these games include oral sex activities and sex toys that will have guests getting down and dirty without hardcore penetration.

The We’re Swinging Now section contains erotic games that get explicitly hardcore. These games are for seasoned swingers and those who are honestly ready to play dirty.

Available at Amazon

Download a pdf of printable games for just .99

This is a printable companion book to 

Naughty Adult Party Games:Turn Your Next House Party Into A Swinging Event and Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition: Turn Your Halloween Party Into A Swinging Event

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Sexy Lace Halloween Mask

Need a sexy lace mask for Halloween. Check out this Etsy listing from Bewitching Creations.

I'm getting one for my naughty Halloween masquerade party.


Lace Halloween mask, perfect for masquerade balls and elegant Halloween costume parties.

Lace mask attaches to hair with clips- no ties and no elastic strap that goes around your head to mess up your hair, slip, or fall. 

The clips make the masks very comfortable and keep them in place.

Breathable and see through, these masks are the sexy accessory for your costume that you've been looking for.

Photos and info are not mine, copied from Etsy listing.