Monday, August 15, 2016

Available for Pre-Order Punished by Krampus by Serena Synn

Punished by Krampus 
An Erotic Christmas Quickie 
Krampus Tales Book 1
by Serena Synn

Release Date November 1

Genre: Hardcore Christmas Erotica, Paranormal

Lizzie has been a naughty girl this year. 

On December 5 she realizes what happens to naughty girls like her, they get a visit from Krampus. 

Kris Kringle’s brother, Krampus, has special ways of punishing naughty girls. Ways that both parties may find extremely enjoyable. 

Warning contains adult content. Includes light BDSM, spanking, fisting, and large object insertions.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Available for Pre-Order Santa and the Succubus by Serena Synn

Santa and the Succubus 
An Erotic Christmas Quickie 
by Serena Synn 

Genre: Hardcore Paranormal Erotica, Christmas Erotica

Release Date:  November 3

Santa has his work cut out for him punishing a naughty girl like Sylvie. 

Sylvie is a succubus, so she’s left a trail of broken hearts, broken homes and debauchery in her wake. 

But these two have something in common that could lead to something more than a night of punishment and pleasure. 

Will it join them together or will Santa become her next broken heart? 

Warning contains adult content. Includes light BDSM, spanking, fisting, and large object insertions. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

New Release The Lonely Succubus by Serena Synn

The Lonely Succubus 
An Erotic Quickie 

by Serena Synn

Genre: Hardcore Paranormal Erotica

Thanks to her agoraphobia and social anxiety Neridia was a lonely succubus hiding out in the woods. She learned to survive by syphoning sexual energy from the internet supplemented by the occasional snack on a delivery guy. 

She was expecting a pizza delivery guy when Pierce stumbled into her cabin. 

Sexy as hell and dripping sexual energy he could be the answer to all her problems…and the start of a few new ones. 

Warning, adult content. Contains F/M/M, and bisexual male sexual situations. 

Available at Amazon for .99