Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Release- Sex Shop of Horrors: A Modern Frankenstein Tale With an Erotic Twist

Sex Shop of Horrors 
A Modern Frankenstein Tale With an Erotic Twist 
Serena Synn

Investigative journalist, Cassie Sinclair, has been researching local OB/GYN extraordinaire Dr. Richard Stein for over a year when she finally scores an invite to one of his elite parties. 

The magazine she writes for covers the stranger topics in the world- demon possession, vampires, UFO’s… Dr. Stein displays the trifecta of possible demon possession or black magic at play. He’s rich, handsome, and super successful -plus handsome and mysterious. Whether there’s a supernatural explanation or not, there must be dark secrets for Cassie to find and expose. 

She eagerly attends the party hoping to get the scoop she needs to publish a spectacular story on the handsome doctor. But she’s not prepared for the gruesomely erotic laboratory in his basement. 

What she discovers leaves her horrified…and aroused. The combination Dr. Stein so desperately seeks in a woman. 

For adults only- contains horrotica scenes featuring M/F/M sex, science, magick and alchemy. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Are You Into Cuckquean Erotica? #cuckqueanerotica #cuckcake #queanbull

If you are into cuckqueaning and cuckquean erotica please consider my short ebooks below. Each feature a wife that enjoys sharing her husband with other women.

In Dominating Her a cuckquean wife prepares a cuckcake to share with her queanbull husband. 
She gets the cuckcake ready and presents her to him like a gift.

Dominating Her 
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn 

Publisher: Synn with Me Publishing


Book Description:

A dominant couple find a delightful sub slut they can play with together. 

Content for 18 and older only- This erotic quickie features ffm sex, anal, and mild BDSM 

Available on Amazon  for .99

In Fist Me, Please a couple pick up Michelle at a bar. The tiny cuckquean wife is more than happy to share her queanbull husband's massive hands and enormous cock with a loose pussy slut that can handle all of him.

Fist Me, Please 
Serena Synn 

Michelle aches for something more than just a hot guy with a big dick.

She's looking for a man with large...hands.


Because she has a fetish for fisting and she wants a man that can satisfy her cravings. 

When she spots Michael at the bar, she thinks she's found the one until she realizes he is married. But Michael and his wife, Karina are swingers and they invite Michelle to go home with them.

Will they give her what she needs?

Warning: explicit erotica- intended for those 18 and older only

Available on Amazon for  just .99

In Sharing My Husband, a cuckquean wife craves the sight of her husband's cock inside other women. She finally tells him so they can find a cuckcake and have a mindblowing threesome.

Sharing My Husband 
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn

Publisher: Synn with Me Publishing 


An erotic cuckquean quickie short story:

At some point monogamy stopped working for her. She craved more. She needed more.

It took awhile to accept it, to admit it, even to herself. 

It took even longer to tell her husband that she wanted to share him...with another woman.

Warning: contains erotic content suitable for adults only

Just .99 at Amazon

In Satisfying a Monster the cuckquean wife needs th help of many sweet cuckcakes to satisfy her queanbull's urges and take his monster cock.

Satisfying a Monster
An Erotic Quickie
Serena Synn

He’s a monster of a man and it takes more than one woman to satisfy him, something his wife knows all too well.

So she recruits women that can handle his massive manly attributes. She loves to participate in the fun, making naughty threesomes a regular occurrence.

This threesome includes a woman able to take the monster and still ache for more.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, f/f/m, fisting, large insertions, and anal

Available at Amazon .99

Monday, June 1, 2015

Do You Love Monster Erotica? #monstererotica

If you love monster erotica please consider my story 
Taken by the Wolf featuring wolf/werewolf erotica

Taken by the Wolf
Serena Synn

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

A peaceful swim under the full moon quickly turns to terror as a man with glowing eyes emerges from the woods.

But terror gives way to titillation as the man beast arouses something dark and primal inside her.

Nothing would ever be the same after she is taken by the wolf.

Warning- contains explicit erotica intended for those 18 and older only. Scenes feature steamy werewolf sex.