Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cuckquean Confessions: I Watched Another Woman Suck My Husband's Cock

So last Saturday my husband and I finally hooked up with the unicorn we have been wooing for a month or so. I originally mentioned her in this post.

I was right, she's not really bisexual- well she wasn't- just bi-curious. I popped her girl on girl cherry. 

I'm pretty sure after coming in my mouth, she's more than ready to declare herself bisexual now. She already wants to schedule another date. 

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Anyway- after texting, emailing, sexting, and one failed event we had to cancel I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen. But it finally did.

And it was so fucking hot.

We started out by getting naked and rubbing each other while my husband watched. We stripped him and rubbed our breasts all over him.

I started getting really turned on when her ginormous boobs were wrapped around his cock. 

Then she started sucking his cock...and my pussy became drenched.

I was wetter than I have ever been in my entire life. I joined her at his feet. I held his cock and fed it to her while she sucked.

It was the most erotic sight...

After she sucked him for a bit I had her lay down on her back. I wanted to taste her pussy.

While I was licking her pussy my husband did me from behind for a few minutes.

Then he went back to her mouth, made her taste my pussy on his cock.

She sucked him upside down as he leaned over the bed while I licked her into an orgasmic frenzy.

Then I laid down next to her and my husband fingered us both at the same time until I came hard. 

Then he slammed his cock into me hard and fast until he pulled out and came all over her massive breasts.

No, he didn't have vaginal sex with her. This time. He wasn't sure....I told you I dragged him into this "lifestyle" kicking and screaming so he's still holding back.

She called the next day and wants to set up another meeting. I'm all for it. She said how much she enjoyed being with a woman...I really think she's just aching for that dick...but who knows maybe she does really want us both. I am the one that brought her to orgasm not

You better believe this time I am sliding his long, thick cock right into her tight pussy...and oh is she so very tight. It squeezed my tiny fingers when I was going down on her. He's really going to enjoy it squeezing and milking his fat cock.

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