Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Watching Another Woman Pleasure My Husband

How many cuckqueans are out there? 

It seems to be a small niche compared to cucked men.

Of course female sexuality and the truth about all of our kinks and desires is just starting to come out into the open

We've been repressed for far too long

I've read historical sex manuals and books concerning sex that describe sex only as a married woman's duty

It was long believed that women did not enjoy sex, that they were incapable of enjoying sex and women that did enjoy it were nothing but dirty whores

Well I guess I'm a dirty whore, or at least a seductive slut

I love sex, always have

It's only been recently though that I've been comfortable enough in my own skin to admit openly that I am bisexual and even harder to admit was that I love sharing my husband's cock

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