Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cuckquean Confessions: Voyeurism

For me the main part of cuckqueaning 
that attracts me is the voyeurism aspect

Plain and simple...

I Like to Watch

Watching Gets Me Off

And yes watching porn, or other people is hot

But nothing gets me hotter than watching my man get pleasured by another woman

My biggest turn on, my biggest pleasure...

Watching another woman suck my husband's cock

OMG it makes me so hot, so wet...

Watching them fuck, that's hot too

Just seeing his cock slide into another woman....the pleasure rips through my body

It's like an instant orgasm

But honestly what really "does it" for me is watching him get a blowjob. 


I'm not sure but that's my biggest kink.

What's yours?

What does it for you?