Thursday, January 30, 2014

Have You Read My Erotica Yet?

Taken by the Wolf
Serena Synn

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

A peaceful swim under the full moon quickly turns to terror as a man with glowing eyes emerges from the woods.

But terror gives way to titillation as the man beast arouses something dark and primal inside her.

Nothing would ever be the same after she is taken by the wolf.

Warning- contains explicit erotica intended for those 18 and older only. Scenes feature steamy werewolf sex.

My Husband and His Brother
Serena Synn

Book Description:

Camille thought her husband was stuffy and boring until she goes clubbing with him and his baby brother, Johnny over Halloween weekend.

She discovers something quite shocking about her husband and his brother- they like to share.

Camille's husband, Roger, decides it's time to take her off the "trophy wife" shelf and play with her and he is going to share the fun with his little brother, Johnny.

A Quickie For .99

Fist Me, Please 
Serena Synn 

Michelle aches for something more than just a hot guy with a big dick.

She's looking for a man with large...hands.


Because she has a fetish for fisting and she wants a man that can satisfy her cravings. 

When she spots Michael at the bar, she thinks she's found the one until she realizes he is married. But Michael and his wife, Karina are swingers and they invite Michelle to go home with them.

Will they give her what she needs?

Warning: explicit erotica- intended for those 18 and older only

Available on Amazon for  just .99

Serena Synn

Nikki wants her neighbor Derek to notice her. He seems to think she's too young for him.

She devises a way to show him she's all woman.

Derek can't help but notice Nikki when she decides to get naked and naughty in her backyard while he watches from his upstairs window.

But will it be enough? Will Nikki finally get what she wants?

Hardcore illustrated erotica short story download the pdf for free here and here

Sharing My Husband 
Serena Synn

Publisher: Synn with Me Publishing 


An erotic quickie short story:

At some point monogamy stopped working for her. She craved more. She needed more.

It took awhile to accept it, to admit it, even to herself. 

It took even longer to tell her husband that she wanted to share him...with another woman.

Warning: contains erotic content suitable for adults only

Just .99 at Amazon

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cuckquean Confessions: Fantasies and Swinging

I confess, the only thing that has led me to swinging is the fact that unicorns are hard to find.

A unicorn is the ever elusive, bi-sexual single female that wants to play with a couple.

Yes we've come across a few, but they tend to be organic know how it goes....we're a party, club, convention, or something like that....there's alcohol involved, we hang out chatting and flirting for awhile and eventually she ends up back at our hotel room with us.

It's hard to plan these things. I've searched the sites but unicorns are rare...most of the people out there that want to play are couples.

And honestly another penis doesn't play into my cuckquean fantasies....and another penis sure doesn't play into my husband's desires at all...

Now don't get me wrong. I like cock. I love cock. But I have one. My husband's big fat dick is more than enough to fill and satisfy me.

What I'm interested in is another woman- breasts, pussy, and of course with my cuckquean fantasies what I really want is to watch her pleasure my husband.

but....what are you going to do, right? Sometimes you have to compromise.

So swinging is the way to go.

But I'm not going all the way. I don't want another man's penis in my vagina.

If the situation occurs and I'm attracted to the guy in a group situation yes I may stroke him, I may him suck him (if my alpha male husband doesn't freak the fuck out about it), but what I'm really at the party for is the other women.

Yeah, I'm that bi-sexual. At this point in my life I'm more interested in boobs than dick (not referring to my husband of course). Because when it comes to one on one male/female sex, - he gives me everything I need.

Unfortunately he doesn't have a pussy or boobs so he can't satisfy everything that I really crave.

My bi-sexual desires, my voyeuristic fantasies...and the cuckquean urges to see him satisfied by other women.

So I guess I have to go the swing route to be able to fulfil my cuckquean desires

Has anyone else done this? Given in to swinging so they could fulfil bi-sexual and/or cuckquean urges?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cuckquean Confessions: Voyeurism

For me the main part of cuckqueaning 
that attracts me is the voyeurism aspect

Plain and simple...

I Like to Watch

Watching Gets Me Off

And yes watching porn, or other people is hot

But nothing gets me hotter than watching my man get pleasured by another woman

My biggest turn on, my biggest pleasure...

Watching another woman suck my husband's cock

OMG it makes me so hot, so wet...

Watching them fuck, that's hot too

Just seeing his cock slide into another woman....the pleasure rips through my body

It's like an instant orgasm

But honestly what really "does it" for me is watching him get a blowjob. 


I'm not sure but that's my biggest kink.

What's yours?

What does it for you?