Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free Read- Sunbathing by Serena Synn

Ok well, Amazon won't publish illustrated erotica yet they sell porn DVDs on the website. WTF?

Anyway I guess until I figure out where to publish this, I'll give away the pdf for free.

If you would like a free pdf copy of this illustrated erotica short story you can download it here or email me at  and I'll send you a copy

Serena Synn

Nikki wants her neighbor Derek to notice her. He seems to think she's too young for him.

She devises a way to show him she's all woman.

Derek can't help but notice Nikki when she decides to get naked and naughty in her backyard while he watches from his upstairs window.

But will it be enough? Will Nikki finally get what she wants?

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