Friday, July 21, 2017

Audio Erotica

I'm trying something new, recording audio of sexy scenarios that I write.

I have a quickie tease up at NiteFlirt. It's just a shortie to see how my voice sounds on audio. 

Let me know if you think it's sexy enough.

I am willing to record custom scenes. Let me know if you're interested. 

Visit my profile at NiteFlirt, I'll be adding audio stories soon 

Here's the button to buy my sexy tease

Friday, July 14, 2017

Christmas in July- Holiday Erotica

Punished by Krampus 
An Erotic Christmas Quickie 
Krampus Tales Book 1
by Serena Synn

Lizzie has been a naughty girl this year.

On December 5 she realizes what happens to naughty girls like her, they get a visit from Krampus.

Kris Kringle’s brother, Krampus, has special ways of punishing naughty girls. Ways that both parties may find extremely enjoyable.

Warning contains adult content. Includes light BDSM, spanking, fisting, and large object insertions.

#KrampusErotica #ChristmasErotica #HardcoreErotica #XXXmasErotica #KrampusPorn #ChristmasBDSM #PunishedbyKrampus

The Sequel to Punished by Krampus

Punished by Krampus and Kris Kringle 
Krampus Tales 2
An Erotic Christmas Quickie 
Serena Synn

It’s Christmas Eve and Lizzie is ready to be tag teamed by Krampus and his brother Kris Kringle, better known as Santa Claus. 

Lizzie’s been extra naughty so the brothers have to make sure she’s punished in the best possible way, by both of them, at the same time.

It’ll be a Christmas Lizzie never forgets.

#KrampusErotica #ChristmasErotica #HardcoreErotica #XXXmasErotica #KrampusPorn #ChristmasBDSM #PunishedbyKrampus

Who knew Santa and a Succubus could have so much in common?

Santa and the Succubus
An Erotic Christmas Quickie 
By Serena Synn

Santa has his work cut out for him punishing a naughty girl like Sylvie.

Sylvie is a succubus, so she’s left a trail of broken hearts, broken homes and debauchery in her wake.

But these two have something in common that could lead to something more than a night of punishment and pleasure.

Will it join them together or will Santa become her next broken heart? 

Warning contains adult content. Includes light BDSM, spanking, fisting, and large object insertions.

#SantaErotica #ChristmasErotica #HardcoreErotica #XXXmasErotica #SantaPorn #ChristmasBDSM #PunishedbySanta

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reviews Found on Amazon and Goodreads

Sex Shop of Horrors: A Modern Frankenstein Tale With an Erotic Twist

This was a super fun short read that had me laughing on one page and gasping the next! It's ALL kinds of kinky, including medical play, DP and stretching--hot stuff! I really liked this short a lot and the ending left me with a chuckle and a satisfied smile.

The Cuckquean Wife’s Valentine Surprise 

Great afternoon read

Naughty Adult Party Games Halloween Edition : Turn Your Halloween Party Into a Swinging Event 

Sooooo Fun...

Some of the ideas were a bit on the cheesie side bit I did get one super idea for my upcoming party.

The Fortune Teller's Secret

Hypnotically Curious...

Fist Me, Please

Not for the faint heart, crude rude but erotic. The title says it all but if that is what you want it sure delivers- Amazon

Such a naughty little story... loved it! - Goodreads Leisha 

PORN is so good when it matches a reader's kink, huh? In this very short scene, it's straight up sex between a husband and wife with a little slut. The slut loves to be fisted and anally fucked. There is no plot. It's pure porn with the author writing my fantasy out. If only this could be a bit longer. I wouldn't mind reading more of it. I'll be using it in my spank bank, that's for sure. - Goodreads ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme 

Confessions of a Cuckquean: Volume 1 The Discovery

Good intro to the cuckquean lifestyle...

For the less-informed, such as myself, this is an excellent introduction to the cuckquean lifestyle. The author makes clear that her version of that lifestyle is not the only version out there. For example, she is bisexual and often participates actively with her husband in sexual encounters with other women. Also, she insists on being in control of when, and with whom, her husband plays, and whether vaginal intercourse occurs in any particular encounter. Although she describes some of their play in detail, the eroticism for the reader is only moderate.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Release HardCore BDSM Erotica - At the Master’s Mercy

At the Master’s Mercy
An Erotic Quickie
By Serena Synn

Lacey’s Master loves to watch his Sub get serviced by other men and women but this encounter is something Lacey was unprepared for.

Master has turned playtime into something extremely painful…and pleasurable.

Lacey had no idea her scene was going to become an epic gang bang featuring monster cocks and fisting. 

Warning: Contains BDSM and fetish scenes including bondage, blindfolds, fisting, and large insertions.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Release Hard Core BDSM Erotica- Dirty Pretty Doll

Dirty Pretty Doll
An Erotic Quickie
By Serena Synn

Petite and pretty Sasha is a little doll that loves to get dirty. Use her, abuse her and she’ll come hard for you.

Meeting the Toy Maker is a dream come true for Sasha. He’s a naughty Dom who makes fetish toys, but he’s better known as the Toy Breaker, because he breaks all the little dolls that he plays with.

It’s a match made in the dungeon. The Toy Breaker can break Sasha over and over again, and she’ll just ask for more.

Warning: Contains BDSM and fetish scenes including bondage, fisting, and large insertions.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Cuckquean Tales Sexy Stories of Wives That Love to Share By Serena Synn

Cuckquean Tales
Sexy Stories of Wives That Love to Share
By Serena Synn

Eight sexy stories fill the pages of this cuckquean erotica collection. Each naughty tale features a wife that enjoys sharing her husband with other women.

These quickies are sure to fulfill your cuckquean fetish needs.

Warning these stories contain erotic scenes and scenarios suitable only for adults. These stories may feature cuckholding, cuckqueans, cuckcakes, queanbulls,  ff, ffm, fmf, husband sharing, mild BDSM, masochism, cuckquean fetish, hot husband fetish, anal, strap-ons, and fisting.

eBook Available at 

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Print Available at

The Cuckquean Wife’s Hot Summer Fun

Cuckquean Wendy loves to share her husband John with other women.

Their neighbor Amy has been ogling him for months.

Wendy devises a plan to get the three of them together for a nice summer dinner on the patio, followed by a delicious cuckcake dessert.

Fisting Gillian

Sandra is a cuckquean, a woman that enjoys sharing her husband, James, with other women. Her biggest kink is watching. She loves being the voyeur in the room while her husband has sex with a sexy exhibitionist.

Sandra also has another fetish- she is into fisting. Finding a cuckcake to satisfy one fetish is hard, finding someone that can satisfy multiple fetishes is impossible or so she thinks until Sandra finds Gillian on a fetish site.

Will Gillian be the one to satisfy all Sandra’s kinks?

The Cuckquean Wife’s Valentine Surprise

Dominant Talia stumbles across submissive Cinnamon one day while walking into a coffee shop.

Turns out the little sub was in need of a firm hand. Talia was more than happy to help her out, as long as Cinn didn’t mind catering to Talia’s fetish. Talia is a cuckquean and uses her subs as cuckcakes, toys to let her husband have sex with in front of her.

Cinn was more than willing to be a sweet cuckcake Valentine’s Day present for Talia’s husband, Marc.

Dominating Her

A dominant couple finds a delightful sub slut they can play with together.

Satisfying a Monster

He’s a monster of a man and it takes more than one woman to satisfy him, something his wife knows all too well.

So she recruits women that can handle his massive manly attributes. She loves to participate in the fun, making naughty threesomes a regular occurrence.

This threesome includes a woman able to take the monster and still ache for more.

Michelle aches for something more than just a hot guy with a big dick.

She's looking for a man with large...hands.


Because she has a fetish for fisting and she wants a man that can satisfy her cravings.
When she spots Michael at the bar, she thinks she's found the one until she realizes he is married. But Michael and his wife, Karina, are swingers and they invite Michelle to go home with them.

Will they give her what she needs?

Sharing My Husband

At some point monogamy stopped working for her. She craved more. She needed more.
It took a while to accept it, to admit it, even to herself.

It took even longer to tell her husband that she wanted to share him...with another woman.

The Cuckquean Wife

Melanie is looking forward to a relaxing Friday night home alone. No husband, no kids, just her, a glass of wine, and a good book.

Then her husband Skypes her - that means he’s with another woman and Mel gets to watch and enjoy every minute of it. Her masochistic cuckquean fetish twists her pain into pleasure.

Mel’s relaxing evening turns into a night of agonizing emotional pain and intense erotic exploits as her husband breaks all the rules and she discovers forbidden fruit hurts the best.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mistress Of The Air by S. Nano

Mistress Of The Air
S. Nano

Genre: Comic, Steampunk, Erotica

Publisher: eXcessica

Date of Publication: 21st April 2017

ISBN: 978-1545250242

Number of pages: 270
Word Count: 79,000

Cover Artist: Kevin Blisse

Book Description:

Mistress Of The Air is a Comic, Steampunk, Erotic Adventure.

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester owns a brass mine in Zanzibar, a Lapsang Souchong tea plantation in China, a rubber farm in Malaysia, trunk loads of corsetry, and the country’s largest collection of antique whips.

Larger than life, and itching to find new and inventive ways to punish her submissive gentlemen, the Edwardian dominatrix has a vision. Embracing the spirit of the age of aviation, she embarks on a series of adventures on her airship, ‘The Corseted Domme’, with her transvestite maid, Victoria, her airship pilot, Captain Wyndham, and her automaton sex-doll, Borghild.

A select group of submissive gentlemen, consisting of a duke, bishop, lawyer and banker, is invited to join Lady Sally so she can try out her dastardly, electric and steam-powered devices on them. She spanks, whips, and punishes her way across the Empires of Europe, dropping off to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea.

But Lady Sally’s journey is not uneventful. War is threatening to break out and the Ministry of Aviation want to commandeer her airship for the war effort. And when ‘The Corseted Domme’ has a crash landing, Lady Sally realises there is a stowaway on board intent on sabotaging her airship.

‘Mistress of the Air’ is a genre-crossing comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure as Lady Sally delivers a BDSM kick up the back-side to the Edwardian country house novel.

Amazon UK     Amazon UK Print     BN

Extract 2
They arrived back at the mast where The Corseted Domme was moored to be met by a moustached gentleman in a bowler hat and pin-striped suit.
“Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester?” he enquired.
“Yes, that is me. What can I do for you?”
“I’m from the British Consulate in Essen. I am to deliver this letter to you from the Ministry of War. I’ve been directed to accompany you back to England with your airship, it’s being requisitioned by the Ministry.”
Lady Sally opened the letter and read it. It basically reiterated the message the gentleman had just conveyed. She passed it to Captain Wyndham to read.
“I’m sorry, Lady Sally,” he said, with genuine sympathy and disappointment. “And so soon after you’d set off on your adventures.”
She fixed the captain with a piercing and meaningful gaze.
“Indeed. Leave this to me captain. I shall discuss the arrangements with the gentleman from the Ministry here. In the meantime, I suggest you take the cargo aboard and fire up the engines so we can make as quick a departure as possible… for the benefit of the man from the Ministry, of course.”
She was plotting something, “Of course Lady Sally, I’ll have her ready to set off as soon as madam is aboard.”
“Thank you, captain,” she said, turning back to the gentleman as Wyndham and Victoria heaved the crate into the lift in the mooring tower.
“Well, I can’t deny I’m not disappointed, sir, but never mind, these things happen. Stiff upper lip and all that, what? You are most welcome on The Corseted Domme, I’m sure you’ll find me most accommodating.”
Lady Sally did indeed have a plan.
Stage one: play for time and lure one’s victim into a false sense of security.
 “Let it not be said Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester is not a hospitable host. We must partake of some tea when we board. I’m sure you must be parched waiting out here for so long. How tiresome for you. I recommend a nice cup of Darjeeling. It makes a very refreshing brew. Did you know the leaves come from my own plantation in the foothills of the Himalayas? I am something of an expert on the subject and take pride in ensuring only the most fragrant of leaves are used in my teas…”
Lady Sally proceeded to describe her plantations in great detail and the flavours of the teas grown on them. She gave a lecture on the benefits of tea drinking (so much more invigorating than that horrid, bitter coffee stuff) and explained how the British Empire was built on tea drinking.
Eventually, after a ten-minute diatribe, Lady Sally heard the engines fire up.
Stage two: make best use of one’s assets
“Oh dear, all this talk of tea has made me quite hot and bothered.”
She removed the velvet mantle from her shoulders. Her breasts, pushed up by the corset under her dress, were beautiful orbs of white flesh. The man from the Ministry, being somewhat shorter than Lady Sally, had a view right down her cleavage. It never failed. Lady Sally had found that every male, when faced with a pair of such magnificent boobs, would lose all concentration and sense. Throughout her life this was a weakness she had learnt to exploit.
Stage three: act swiftly.
She brought her knee up into his testicles. Lady Sally’s aim was very precise; it came from years of practise. She knew the exact spot to cause the most excruciating pain. The man from the Ministry doubled up in agony.
Stage four: press home one’s advantage.
With the gentleman bent over clutching his aching balls, Lady Sally wasted no time in pushing him against the metal frame of the mooring tower. She produced coils of thin cord from within the confines of the velvet dress, and within seconds had the man’s wrists secured to the tower. She soon had his ankles tied together. The man from the Ministry did not know what had hit him.
“You dally with England’s strictest dominatrix at your peril, sir. The Corseted Domme is built for pleasure… my pleasure, and I will not have her used for any other purpose, certainly not to propagate any pointless war. I bid you good day, sir. This is a busy airship station so I expect somebody will be along soon to release you.”
At that, Lady Sally left her unfortunate victim tied to the mooring tower, and headed off for her airship.
She burst into the control room. The engines were already thrumming, and the propellers whirring. Captain Wyndham was ready for launch and Clarissa had her brass hand clutched on the tiller ready to operate the elevators.
“Set off now, captain. We need to get away as soon as possible.”
The captain gave the order to release the cable from the mooring tower. In an instance the giant dirigible reversed, turning around in one sweeping movement, and accelerated up into the air.
“Where’s the man from the Ministry?” asked Captain Wyndham.
“He’s a little tied up at the moment.”
The captain laughed. He knew Lady Sally was planning something, “How did you manage that?”
“As a strict dominatrix, I always carry rope in my undergarments, one never knows when one might require some. Oh, and I kneed him in the balls too.”

About the Author:

S. Nano is an author of erotic stories with dark and exotic content in fantasy, paranormal or historical settings, often drawing on the themes of female supremacy, BDSM and fetish but with a seam of quirky humour running through them as well.

His first full-length erotic novel, ‘Adventures in Fetishland’, a BDSM/fetish re-invention of Alice in Wonderland, was published by Xcite Books. His short stories and novellas have been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Forbidden Fiction, Coming Together and Greenwoman Publishing.

His second novel, ‘Mistress Of The Air’, a comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure will be published by eXcessica on 21st April 2017.

Mistress Of The Air Facebook: